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It has been a couple of weeks now since I first registered for my new art website and purchased my new domain name I always knew it would be a challenge. Help and support is always available (thanks WordPress) however the day to day additions, alterations and improvements needed to coincide with my goals for my site are a new challenge each and every time. The most recent being the addition of my buy now paypal button which took me numerous hours and conversations and immense frustration to achieve and this was in the end with the help of a couple of people, one being from WordPress. IT has never been my strong suit and I doubt it ever will be. I will always however want to know how to do something even if that means I need to learn it a few times. This then helps me grow as I can remember parts that I learned to help me with the next challenge.

I have now created a few pages, written numerous blog posts, displayed a few images of my art and interior and have a working paypal button. With the addition of more aspects of the webite I was able to assess the scheme that I had chosen (there have been lots of changes) to see if it was still working. Although I like the look of Hemmingway Revisited, it wasn’t displaying my images alongside my blog posts as I would like so I spent time yesterday researching the various schemes (again) and came to my new choice which I feel works better for me and looks more professional at the stage I am at. I know I have another choice lined up for when I have more of my art displayed on a portfolio as some of the other schemes are more geared towards art based/photo/creative websites.

I know I am progressing with the development as I am always looking to see how the site looks with each new addition and how that may translate to others looking at my site. I do have high standards which in the past have caused me a lot of stress however there is also the positive side of this. I know that I have to be really happy with something now to put it out for sale and for me that is all in the finer details. The art produced is one thing however the process throughout is paramount. The process of choosing the right frame with the right look, colour, finish, style and feel. Feel not just in an aesthetic sense but within. I have to see the finished article and say “yes, that’s it”. It has to give me that pull, that excitement where I know it is ready.

As an artist that uses her experiences and knowledge in everything that she does, I know that there is always a depth in all of my work. Like anything in my life, if it is important to me I will do it and I will do it 110%, to the best of my ability which I feel is a strength of mine. I would rather not put work out if I am not truly happy with each aspect as I feel it is a representation of myself and the standard that I hold for myself and for the people that buy my art. I want them to be happy with the whole piece not just the art itself, that is what takes the time, the patience and energy as it all has to run in succession. I want all aspects of my business to not only look professional but be professional. Each detail is important to me down to the layout of the site so that it represents the artist and businesswoman that I am.

I have often been called diligent which is nice as it shows me that people do see how much of myself I put into a project and how I will never give up. I always put my heart and soul into everything that I do and I hope that shows to others. When you buy my art, you buy the heart and soul, the knowledge, the motivation, the spirituality within it. More than ever I want to connect with more people through my work as an artist as well as in counselling and I feel like this is one step further to my goal.

I will never ask people to like and share my work for the sake of it or because I am offering you something free. If you do like my posts and/or my art great, your feedback is much appreciated and if there is something that speaks to you in one of my blogs then please pass it on to someone that you feel may benefit from these words.

If we all help one another, even a little then it all adds up to something monumental. Everything starts with one small step, everything starts with you.

Think about yourself as a greater force than just you. A huge lesson I have learnt quite recently is to always put yourself (or at least try to) out there and by doing this you help to create the ‘ripple effect’.

You learn and you pass it on then whoever that is received by can do the same. There are endless possibilities in creating good in the world. It really isn’t complicated or hard. You just have to start.

With much hope, kindness and love


Sophie Marie x








Say yes to rest

Say yes to rest, Small steps

It has been a couple of days since I wrote and it hasn’t been the same. I have missed writing. I have been feeling a little under the weather, tired and lacking my usual energy so I have spent time arranging furniture and looking at frame ideas for my other art pieces. I really wanted to create another piece tonight however we did not get home until late and I have spent an hour on a very tedious job, scraping glue off my skirting boards ready for the undercoat. I have given myself permission to leave this job until tomorrow morning when I hopefully will be fresh and ready to rock.

It is really hard not doing lots of work on the house and gallery this week as I am loving it so much and there is still quite a bit to do. I just have to accept that sometimes my body tells me I need rest and I have to stop being stubborn and just do it.

As I write now I feel like I could fall asleep so I know I need to rest, I also just want to get more work done. My positive is that I gave myself a small albeit tedious job to do and by achieving that I can start straight away tomorrow and get another section undercoated. It is another step and even when there are less steps taken, they are still all steps forward and that is progress. Even when you have to stop, just remind yourself that you are only stopping so that you can rest and start again stronger.

A few people saw parts of our home this weekend and they all said how much they like the colour scheme and how they like how my art is being displayed. They were really complimentary and I was so excited telling them about my plans, I can hear and feel my own passion as I talk to people and it feels amazing. I am really proud of what I am creating.

I sit and think to the future, more art that I will create and wonder what my next piece will look like, the texture, the flow. I am often thinking about different materials to use instead of canvas, I would like to try a few different ideas and see what works. You never know unless you try. If it doesn’t work, so what. At least I have tried and I am not afraid to try.

I hope to get some of my art pieces back from framing this week and I can hang them in my gallery. I can’t wait to see what they look like as they take on another dimension once they are all complete. It is when the piece is fully alive, I feel the life running through me too.

A little Netflix and early night for me. Look after yourself, say yes to rest.

Good night and god bless

Sophie Marie