Words are cheap

No words needed

This is a piece from my earlier collection although paramount in my collection to date. The first layer was made using acrylic paint on canvas in an expressionist form. The release of emotion at this time enabled me to focus on what was really important to me then and now. I learnt through my life experiences how words can be used as simple, throw away comments. Often spoken and often never backed up.

Having expressed myself with my paint I felt the need for spray paint and covered the entire piece in black. I love using spray paint as it enables me to let go in a different way. As I connected with the inner part of me that was calling I began writing the words with more acrylic to create the second layer. The words were not planned. The words needed to come out. The words needed to be set free.

Once the first few layers were dry I sprayed over the entire piece, again using the same black spray paint. There was a darkness around the piece, the words hidden yet very prominent in their own way. I wanted to create the image of the words themselves and their meaning. I used a slight blue colour over the top of the words in order to add purely an accent to bring the words more to life. The darkness of the piece I feel is very moving as it creates more emphasis on the underlying nature of what the piece is trying to portray and teach.

Words are cheap Acrylic/spray paint on canvas 31.5 x 11.8 x 1.38″ £80

Payment by Paypal below. Shipping costs dependent on location.

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