Look within to find what you are looking for

The pleasure that I got through making this piece was immense. This was a piece that was made in my living room as opposed to my art studio. I do not have heating in my studio which when too cold does not allow the resin to cure. The temperature was at its best and I used purely black and yellow spray paint in order to create this very special piece.

I mixed the colours individually with the resin and poured in different motions across the canvas. This was another challenge for me as it was my smallest piece to date and probably my favourite. The liquidity of the sprays enabled a better flow and I was able to create the black sweeping motion to show at its best. It took a lot of time and care as working with resin is no easy task. The flow has to be just right, too fast and the image disappears. Gentle precision in keeping slight movement in different directions and then keeping attention on ensuring the removal of the air bubbles. A blessing with the time and experience.

The true beauty with this piece is how many different interpretations there already has been of what the image portrays and what each individual looking at it can see. The one thing that is consistent is that everyone spends a lot of time with this piece. They get mesmerized with what is inside. It transports people to different places, triggers different emotions and provides many stories.

There is a delicate nature to this image. A fragility so compelling but with a beautiful strength that keeps you drawn in.

For this piece I deliberated for a while over the perfect frame. I knew what I didn’t want but I had no set idea in my mind. When I saw it, I instantly knew. I got the tug. My emotions went on overdrive. There amongst dozens of frames and offcuts was this gem. It was very different to others that I had looked at however I knew this was the one. It had an instant quality, a vintage style, something special and I knew this was the perfect pairing for this magical piece.

I named this piece Spirit as for me it takes me on a rich inner journey. It transports me into a place to warm and which radiates with love. It allows me to connect with God, my inner core and with that a place so priceless. This moves me deeply and I hope it moves you too. What do you see? Where does it take you? How does it make you feel? Where does it make you want to go?

Spirit  Original, contemporary abstract  Spray paint and resin on canvas 14.8″ x 14.8″ £140 Professionally framed and ready to hang. Signed on the back. Payment by Paypal below. Shipping costs dependent on location

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