On the edge

Starting to emerge

This is one of my earlier pieces. The title “On the edge” that I gave this piece at the time of creation did not always seem to fit with how my life was at that time. Remembering the piece as I do now and what was happening in my life at that time I now understand the meaning behind the title. I always associated being on the edge with a negative connotation however for me this piece shows me that I was starting to emerge more from the art that I was creating at that time. There is a difference, I was thinking more of the use of colour and how the orange reacts with the dark blue tones.

Although I was still at the earlier side of my journey, there is a distinct progression in my work and therefore in who I was. I was using less splashes of colour and other aspects were coming out of the piece. There lies the start of a change in me and my perception of who I was. On the edge is an original, abstract art piece depicting positivity and more character. There began more of an edge, an understanding of my increasing self confidence.

I used to love working with large canvas. I was able to really let go and express myself in a way that I could not do with a small space. It allowed me to put my whole self into it rather than just a portion and that was paramount to me at that time. My life was changing all the time and I was adjusting and accepting new ways of living and being which were challenging but exciting at the same time. It was the start of a new life. On the edge symbolises the beginning changes of growth, when you start to see differences in how you are as opposed to who you were. A piece brimming with promise.

On the edge  Original abstract Acrylic on canvas 31.7″x 39.10″x 0.5″ £75  Unframed Payment by Paypal below Shipping costs dependent on location

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