Is your home a reflection of ‘you’ or a copy of the latest trends

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Here is my most loved piece of furniture standing proud against the depth of the purple wall, my gallery wall. In order to show the piece in its glory I have chosen a few personal items to bring it to life. The colour of the green in the plants looks stunning with the purple and picks up the green in this original, abstract piece above. The striking orange sits beautifully with the other items, the real treasure being how none of the items are lost. You can see each piece separately and the effect of the whole story.

Photo frames are of different design, all bringing to the table something different, something unique, me. Try not to be afraid of mixing styles up, this is what creates visual impact. I do not normally use more than one of the same item however in this example a standalone plant of this size would not have created the same impact.

I do not believe in matching in the basic sense of the word, this makes a home look ‘uniform’. This vintage bear I found at a car boot sale, at only a few pounds looks perfect stood next to the photo frame. My answer to a lot of my interiors and to my life in general is “why not”.

Interiors should be about personality and all of the areas of your home should show yours. I think a truly beautiful, inspiring home is one where you walk in and you immediately know who the home belongs to. You can see that person or those people in it.

Your home should not be a ‘show’ home, it should be ‘your’ home. Sophie Marie

If you walk around your home, do you see things or do you see people? Things being used to describe items that are ‘in vogue’ or the latest colour. It is apparent when this has happened as you will see lots of that type of item and lots of items in that particular colour, overkill.

Less is always more and although there are a few items on this sideboard, the items are carefully chosen to create a feeling of oneness, happiness and in keeping with me. The people in a home should always be at the forefront of how and what you decorate or design not just material things for the sake of decoration. If you only have one or two items of decoration that you love, just use those. You do not have to ‘fill’ a room, doing so will lose character and this is the essence of what you are looking to create.

I believe that is when you go from a house to a home. A home is filled with you, the people that you love and all of your personalities echoing in each room.

Next time you buy something for your home ask yourself “do I like it or is it me?”. I guarantee if it is you it will be cherished and kept for a long time and not updated with the next season.

The world is not throw away so why should your home be. Sophie Marie

Original, abstract piece available for sale (see Gallery)

‘Somewhere’  Acrylic on canvas 30 x 24.5″ £75


With inspiration


Sophie Marie


Intimate Interiors

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I have often been at a loss as to how to decorate this intimate space under my stairs and it was only after I moved some furniture around at Christmas time that I uncovered the beauty that is this area.

The depth of colour in the purple walls is a stunning backdrop to a couple of carefully chosen items displayed on a beautiful vintage writing bureau. My bureau has very special emotion attached to it as I always remembered one in my nanna and grandads house and a special feeling that it created in my memories.

The spotlight shines down on the front of the bureau, showing its true wood in all its brilliance. The copper colour radiates my being creating a warm, enveloping hug. To finish off this beautiful area a bespoke, abstract art piece hangs above, the dramatic yellow in the piece as echoed in the angel below jumps off the wall and transcends you into another world.

Original, abstract art piece created by Sophie Marie

Acrylic Resin on canvas 24″ x 18.5″ £100

Delivery costs dependent on location Paypal payments on home page.

The Art of Minimalism

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I have learnt over the last few years the importance of less is more, in various contexts and I have found it to be my most effective way of living. Using art as a first example, the feeling of wanting to add a little bit more to a piece despite knowing deep down that you shouldn’t. You go with the surface feeling rather than the gut ‘no more’ and your painting no longer works.

Having moved from a much larger house to the house we live in now I have been through the process of reduction. Getting rid of old baby equipment, surplus tools, unused accessories. I love the process. At the time of our move two years ago I had to donate the majority of our possessions to my local Womens Refuge. I didn’t then have time to sell, however I was able to get rid of what we no longer needed and help support people that were struggling so a win win for me.

I watched something (I can’t recall the name) a few years ago where someone said “Only keep things in your home that you need and or love”. A need being a real need not a “well I need that in case …” It was quite a liberating watch for me as I truly believed and believe in this and have been living by this ever since.

If I don’t love something I do not want it in our home. I would rather have a few items of decor around the house than lots of stuff just for the sake of it.

I am not a total minimalist, I wouldn’t live in a shed (claustrophia not for me) however for me minimalism is about only being surrounded by what speaks to me, what excites us, what fits with our personality. Anything else feels stifling and unnecessary. I live by purpose and in depth. I am not comfortable in surface level, either general weather chit chat or anything that does not feel real or genuine.

I value freedom.

Freedom of speech. Freedom of choice. Freedom to live how I choose to live. Freedom to be surrounded by what I choose. Freedom to be me.

If you look around your home, ask yourself:-

Am I surrounded by ‘stuff’ or am I living free?

With freedom and hope

Sophie Marie x

Go with your décor (and self) not against

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Yesterday was another productive day however more challenging as I was tired. I saw it as a challenge in order to test my commitment to my own vision and I am pleased to say I passed. Finally, the wood cladding (hated it) on the sides of the stairs has been painted the same deep purple colour as the walls and wow it looks awesome. I did think that due to the darkness and depth of colour, that it would somehow hide the fact that it was cladding and it definitely has. In fact, it shows off the side of the stairs (still the other side left to do) in a new light and I now have a new appreciation for it.

What I have found in interiors, as in life, is not to cover up what you do not like or what you think does not work. My example here is our living room. It is a naturally dark room which is not always ideal, always having to put the light on. I decided that instead of doing what everyone suggested and painting the walls light as to make the room look bigger, I would utilise the darkness and extend the deep, opulent colour. This now brings out the beauty in the darkness and enhances the overall aesthetic and feel.

It is using what you have (even if at first you see it as a negative) and bringing out the true beauty in it. It is these so called negative aspects that once explored and accepted can be embraced and this is where the real magic happens. This is when new life is born. There is a vulnerability here, a delicate touch,  an almost sheer fabric. It is on the cusp of life and death. To see and feel at this level of emotion is a blessing, an almost out of body experience.

It is at this level that my writing shows more depth. I can feel it when it happens, my brain is not just spouting words but the words start to take on more body. The words take on emotion and come to life. This is relational depth however with myself not another and in turn with you, I hope you feel it too.

Sometimes I just have to write and the deeper part of me starts to emerge, the deeper part being my vulnerability. I embrace my vulnerability now, in contrast to when I first started my counselling diploma when I could not even say the words out loud. I connect with others vulnerability as it is in those parts that true life can emerge. True feeling is spoken and felt and encompassed, a real exchange.

If I show you my heart will you show me yours?


Sophie Marie x


New Framed Contemporary Art

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This is another of my newly framed art pieces which I can not wait to hang on the wall. Most of the deep purple colour on the walls is complete and I will be painting a lot of woodwork tomorrow which will be exciting, no more brown stained wood. Bringing our home to life is such a powerful experience for me as this is both our home and art gallery which I am immensely proud of.

I will be able to hang some art work on the walls this week as well as display other items of our furniture and creativity further enhancing the look and feel. It feels hard in a way to imagine what it used to be like, colourless, no character apart from the bones of the home. It feels like such a long time ago which is strange as it was started in September.

I always know when something just fits as it should, flows naturally, organic when the beginning of the process feels so long ago. It is almost like it has always been like this. Each section completed is the catalyst for the next, the end is definately in sight I not only see it and feel it but I breathe it. It is life.

With life and love


Sophie Marie x