The Art of Minimalism

I have learnt over the last few years the importance of less is more, in various contexts and I have found it to be my most effective way of living. Using art as a first example, the feeling of wanting to add a little bit more to a piece despite knowing deep down that you shouldn’t. You go with the surface feeling rather than the gut ‘no more’ and your painting no longer works.

Having moved from a much larger house to the house we live in now I have been through the process of reduction. Getting rid of old baby equipment, surplus tools, unused accessories. I love the process. At the time of our move two years ago I had to donate the majority of our possessions to my local Womens Refuge. I didn’t then have time to sell, however I was able to get rid of what we no longer needed and help support people that were struggling so a win win for me.

I watched something (I can’t recall the name) a few years ago where someone said “Only keep things in your home that you need and or love”. A need being a real need not a “well I need that in case …” It was quite a liberating watch for me as I truly believed and believe in this and have been living by this ever since.

If I don’t love something I do not want it in our home. I would rather have a few items of decor around the house than lots of stuff just for the sake of it.

I am not a total minimalist, I wouldn’t live in a shed (claustrophia not for me) however for me minimalism is about only being surrounded by what speaks to me, what excites us, what fits with our personality. Anything else feels stifling and unnecessary. I live by purpose and in depth. I am not comfortable in surface level, either general weather chit chat or anything that does not feel real or genuine.

I value freedom.

Freedom of speech. Freedom of choice. Freedom to live how I choose to live. Freedom to be surrounded by what I choose. Freedom to be me.

If you look around your home, ask yourself:-

Am I surrounded by ‘stuff’ or am I living free?

With freedom and hope

Sophie Marie x

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