The Power of Inspiration

On Friday, after school I was given an envelope marked mum. What I took out of the envelope was a beautiful written piece from my daughter. The most beautiful letter anyone has ever written to me. My daughter is the most beautiful person I have ever met. She is one of life’s truly special people, so caring and thoughtful with the most beautiful soul and depth of character.

The thing about inspiration is its power. My daughter talks about me inspiring her and I know she means this with all her heart. What I tell her is that she inspires me every day. How brave she is, how she learns from her challenging experiences even when at times they do not make sense. Her amazing spirit, her sense of humour and how we can laugh uncontrollably at the most simple, ridiculous things. Priceless.

I teach her and she teaches me. I inspire her and she inspires me. We all have the ability to inspire in our own way and learn from those that inspire us. We should then pass it on and let the cycle continue. If we all share a little of ourself with another, pass on a little hope, a gentle encouragement, a hug, a smile just think how much better the world would be.

Let someone know how much they have helped you or how they inspire you and give them the chance to pass it on.

With kindness and love

Sophie Marie x


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