New Framed Contemporary Art

This is another of my newly framed art pieces which I can not wait to hang on the wall. Most of the deep purple colour on the walls is complete and I will be painting a lot of woodwork tomorrow which will be exciting, no more brown stained wood. Bringing our home to life is such a powerful experience for me as this is both our home and art gallery which I am immensely proud of.

I will be able to hang some art work on the walls this week as well as display other items of our furniture and creativity further enhancing the look and feel. It feels hard in a way to imagine what it used to be like, colourless, no character apart from the bones of the home. It feels like such a long time ago which is strange as it was started in September.

I always know when something just fits as it should, flows naturally, organic when the beginning of the process feels so long ago. It is almost like it has always been like this. Each section completed is the catalyst for the next, the end is definately in sight I not only see it and feel it but I breathe it. It is life.

With life and love


Sophie Marie x

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