New Contemporary Art

Excited to be showing my first framed pieces of my art. It has been a busy week of painting inside my home, more deep colour being added creating the intensity that I am looking for. The colours are so rich and opulent, there is almost a magical feel with it. Like being in another world, cocooned in the richness of colour and the feeling of being totally immersed in it. Knowing that as soon as other sections of the room are complete I can start the process of displaying my art pieces on the wall, choosing specific areas to complement the style and character of each individual piece. Bringing together all the different elements of art, the colours, the feelings they evoke and choosing the right elements to not only complement the art but to add to the experience and bring the whole effect to life. Art if life. Life is art.

All of my art will be sold with a personally written piece about the individual piece as of for me the process involved and the inspirations connected to my art are as valuable as the finished piece. It is all of the different elements coming together, a collaboration and an experience. When you buy my art, I hope you will understand the depth of feeling within it. The colours chosen, the materials used, the particular flows within the paint and resin, the texture, the finish.

I hope to evoke memories, feeling and emotion. I hope to inspire, to awaken your senses and help allow your imagination to go on a journey. I hope to inspire life.

With hope and love


Sophie Marie x

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